By Duncan Freeman ’22, Long-form Investigative Reporting Editor

The Elijah Root House is home to the Dean of Students and Community Standards offices. Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

When Corey Rundquist ’22 joined Delta Phi in the fall of his sophomore year after a semester of rush, he was confident that his fraternity of choice was different from the other Hamilton frats in that its members were committed to fighting “toxically masculine,” frat culture. Delta Phi was presented to him as a “force of good going against those stereotypes,” typically associated with fraternities, and Rundquist understood that the organization was filled with students like him who desired a fraternity experience that rejected these stereotypes.

Halfway through Rundquist’s pledging process, however, this view was shattered when his pledge master…

By Emma Mae Regan ’22, Editor-in-Chief

During the ’21-’22 competition cycle, three current Hamilton students and three Hamilton alums have been named Fulbright Scholars. Photo courtesy of US Embassy in Belarus.

Hamilton College has been named a top producer of Fulbright students for the ’21-’22 competition cycle. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Hamilton is one of “nine baccalaureate institutions that have been top producers of Fulbright US students every year for the past 10 years.” Other institutions on this list include Amherst, Oberlin, Pitzer, Pomona, Smith, Swarthmore, Vassar and Williams.

During the ’21-’22 competition cycle, three current Hamilton students and three Hamilton alums have been named Fulbright Scholars. The current Hamilton students are Gianni Hill ’21, who received an English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Madrid, Spain; Timothy (Tim) Derby…

By Dorothy Poucher ’21, Long-form Investigative Reporter

Hamilton College operates under a shared governance model which places significant decision-making power into the hands of three groups: the faculty, the administration and the Board. However, when it comes to incorporating students into these decision-making processes and bodies, there are less opportunities. Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

In Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, members of Student Assembly (SA) attempted to increase formal mechanisms for student voice through a set of proposals to the Board of Trustees (the Board). Over the course of four meetings between SA representatives, trustees and College President David Wippman (the Fall 2020 presentation at the full Board meeting, the November 24 followup meeting, the Spring 2021 presentations at the full Board meeting, and the early March follow up meeting), students found that trustees accepted few of their demands for the increased institutionalization of student participation.

Hamilton College operates under a shared governance model…

By Emily Rivito ’21, Contributing Long-form Investigative Reporter

Collage/graphic courtesy of Julia Dupuis ’21.

*Content Warning:* This article discusses mental health, physical health, injury, self harm, transphobia, sexual assault and suicide. If you are in distress, struggling and/or having self harm, depressive, or suicidal thoughts, there are both on- and off-campus resources available 24/7/365.

If you want on-campus help and need help right now, call 315–859–4340 and press option 2 to speak with a counselor from the Counseling Center. Confidential on-campus resources include the Counseling Center (call 315–859–4340 for immediate help or to schedule an appointment), the College Chaplain (315–859–4130) and the Health Center (315–859–4111).

If you want off-campus help, call 1–800–273-TALK or text…

By Eric Moss ’24, News Editor

Over 200 students have signed a petition in response to the Administration’s decision requiring seniors to move out by 5:00 p.m. on Commencement Day. Photo courtesy of FindAdmission.

On the week of April 11, Hamilton’s Class of 2021 received a message from President Wippman informing them that Commencement, set to take place May 22, would not just be a day of traditional, ceremonious goodbyes, but also one including an immediate departure from campus. The senior class, as confirmed in a message by Commencement Planning Committee Chair Gillian King, will be required to vacate all residence halls by a 5:00 p.m. deadline shortly after graduating. …

by SJ Bennett ’22, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

As we near the end of the school year, an added source of stress looms ahead: the general housing process. Everyone wants their own kitchen and common room, but how many spaces with these accommodations does Hamilton have? How likely are you to get the suite with your five best friends as rising juniors? What do you do when you can not find someone to fill the double in your suite? Unfortunately, I do not have the answers to these questions. Like many of you, I am also struggling to secure housing for next year.

In the 2020–2021 academic year…

By Josie Blatt ’21, Managing Editor

After four years as a staff writer, section editor and managing editor for The Spectator. I have decided to write my final article about a topic near and dear to my heart: the arts.

The past year has shed light on the fact that Hamilton College does not support its student arts groups nearly enough. I speak primarily from the perspective of the President of Special K a cappella, and a member of the Hamilton College choir, but I believe that my argument applies to other visual and performing arts groups on campus as well.

Back in June of 2020…

By David Walden, Ph.D., Counseling Center Director, Staff Psychologist & Lecturer in Psychology

We are now about to enter, for many students, the most stressful part of the semester. As we do, I wanted to offer some words of love, appreciation, and care to all of us. If you’ve been having a difficult time this semester, that’s totally normal. Consistency helps us feel stable and grounded, and this year has been anything but consistent. With constantly changing dynamics around actual physical safety, it’s been hard to stay centered. So, if you’ve been having a rough time — whether that’s a bad week or a bad year — just know it’s totally normal and…

By Zhaosen Guo ’21, Contributing Writer

I feel content and fortunate to have lived in many places which I can somehow regard as “home,” because my standard for calling a place home only requires a bed and a desk. But the problem is that I can never claim to know any of those places well enough. Photo courtesy of Zillow.

Whenever someone asks me “where are you from,” or “where’s home to you,” I’m surprised to realize how much my answer varies. Back in 2013, when I was an exchange student in Wisconsin, I would automatically answer, “Beijing, China”–because it was the only place that I “came from.”

Eight years later, my home and residency has grown to a longer list of locations, and I pick from one of them depending on the situation when I am being asked. When I visited friends in California, I explained that I flew from upstate New York…

By Sam Dils ’22, Sports Editor

HamTrek, Hamilton’s annual triathlon and walk, was held this past Saturday, May 1. Photo courtesy of the HamTrek Instagram Account.

Saturday, May 1 marked the return of one of the Hamilton traditions that I have come to truly appreciate: HamTrek. Following a nasty week of weather, the initial cloudy skies and morning chill that welcomed the first batch of eager competitors parted to welcome a day full of all of the hallmarks of a spring Saturday on the hill. With the right blend of competitive spirit, mud, and mutual encouragement, even those who may have stayed up too late the night before eagerly welcomed the challenge of the annual sprint triathlon. Any HamTrek veteran would notice that things looked a…

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