by Ethan Tse ’22, Staff Writer

Hamilton College’s Admissions Building (a.k.a. Siuda House). Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

By Duncan Freeman ’22, Long-form Investigative Reporting Editor

The Elijah Root House is home to the Dean of Students and Community Standards offices. Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

by Emma Mae Regan ‘22, Editor-in-Chief

A student buys coffee from Fojo North, located in Taylor Science Center. Photo by Meraly (Mer) Morales ‘25.

by Eric Moss ’24 and Emma Swan ’23, News Editors

Individuals from the Hamilton community each contributed their part in the memorial. Photo by Kathleen Deedy ‘24.

by Quinn Jones ’23, Contributing Writer

by Billy Marin ’25, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

by Charlie Quinn ’25, Contributing Writer

Photo by Louisa Crozier.

by Mariam Saied ’23, Columnist

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

by Caroline Casey ’23, Opinion Contributor

A barista makes coffee at FoJo Beans South, located beneath McEwen. Photo by Anh Truong ‘25

by Mady Schiro ’25, Opinion Contributor

The destruction caused by Hurricane Ida in Purchase, NY — the author’s hometown. Photo by Mady Schiro ’25.

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