by Ethan Tse ’22, Staff Writer

Hamilton College’s Admissions Building (a.k.a. Siuda House). Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

By Duncan Freeman ’22, Long-form Investigative Reporting Editor

The Elijah Root House is home to the Dean of Students and Community Standards offices. Photo courtesy of Hamilton College.

by Eric Moss ’24 and Evan Cohen ’24, Long-form Investigative Reporters

Photo courtesy of Cole Kuczek ’23.

by Julia Smith ’25, Staff Writer

A student explores the many menu options while ordering at the new Sadove spot. Photo courtesy of @HamiltonSadove.

by Mady Schiro ’25, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Touro University, California.

by Brian Seiter ’23, Staff Writer

Students reach an impressive altitude above the cloud level. Photo courtesy of Paul Rinzler ’23.

by Mariam Saied ’23, Resident Astrologist

Oh yeah Mercury’s in retrograde baby! Photo courtesy of Innerspacevoyages.

by Aliana Potter ’24, Opinion Contributor

Joe Biden receiving his booster shot of the COVID vaccine. Photo courtesy of NPR.

by Nicolette van Kesteren ’23, Opinion Contributor

The Homewood Suites, where positive students are placed for 10 days. Photo courtesy of Agoda.

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